Good, Good Father

God is so, so good. Even when He allows the current to carry us into waters where we can’t touch. He always proves faithful to keep our head above the waves. How do I know? I’m living proof! Copyright © 2019 – Missy Williams - All rights reserved

Grace Wins . . . Every Time!

A quiet house, beautiful sunrise, tree lights and garland illuminates our home. The boys and fur-babies are fast asleep God reminds me of family, friends and many others I may never know who are hurting. Some are believers while others are not. Although it’s a new dawn, a new day, a new year their hurts …

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But for the Grace of God

This time of year can be especially difficult. The daylight is shorter. The weather is typically colder. Special gatherings are taking place all around. My heart is tender to suffering of every kind. I'm sure you've experienced loss and suffering. I have had my share of loss as well. Reading through my journal I came …

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Missing Her

I've heard it said that grief is as individual as a snowflake. I couldn't agree more.  Not having lost a child I can't begin to know or speak to the vast depth of grief a parent must endure. I have watched through the lens pointed at my dear friends. This piece is for them, remembering …

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Comfort Wipes Away Tears

I am always taken aback for a brief moment when I receive word my Hospice Austin relationship has come to a close. Comfort wipes away tears when my perspective quickly shifts to the truth knowing it is simply just the beginning. It is the beginning of an eternal life with our King Jesus. I am …

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A Stone’s Throw Away

As I lay my head tonight an image came to mind of a stone cast into still waters. Close your eyes for a moment and picture it. The cold stone in your hand could be hatred, jealousy, unforgiveness causing ripples to act like flaming arrows as they darken the sky falling toward others, OR the …

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SUICIDE: Not a Sexy Subject

I am no expert. I have no specialized credentials or formalized training. What I do have is a special love and concern for law enforcement, the military and their families; the lost, the broken and the hurting. What I am is a daughter of a USAF Pilot, I was a spouse to a law enforcement …

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