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February Reflections

December of 2014 I received a diagnosis that would forever change my life, the life of my three young boys, the lives of sisters and friends as it relates to me. The call from my doctor would confirm, “It’s cancer.”

February is a beautiful month, not because it is Valentine’s Day on the 14th, but because it is the month that cancer was removed from my body (2/11/2015) and the healing process began.2

In February 2017 my now husband proposed marriage to me. In my reflections, February has truly has become a full circle month. I take this time to genuinely reflect and praise God for his complete and total healing. The process was scary, beautiful, difficult, insurmountable at times, and courageous. The source of my courage came from God and God alone.

From the vault:
My Healer, King Jesus ~ Praise Report

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