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Who Will Love Me Now?

“Who will love me now?” This was my mindset after first thinking, “Who will raise my boys?”

This day, 2015 – Bilateral mastectomy eradicating the DCIS in my body. No family history and BRCA negative. Self checks caught it early.

Friends and family, as a single women with three boys at the time, I could NOT have made through this with such grace and success without y’all and God!

Six surgeries in ten months. My sisters, Drew and Gigi, best friends, Martha, Lisa and Amy stayed with me for days, stripped my drain tubes, ‘axe sire I took my meds, fed me, took me to doc appointments, pre-op, surgeries, the list is endless. My gratification can’t be measured in words.

This WIN is for YOU ALL TOO. Your prayers, your love, you’re the best. I love you. 🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞

Fast forward to April 2016 I began talking with a longtime friend from my childhood. February 2017, Mark Williams, on bender knee, proposed to me and I said yes! June 2017 we married and blended our four children.

This is us! God first always we are beyond grateful and love each other so much.

God is good all the time, y’all. Thanks for letting me share and for celebrating this big win with me. Love y’all. 💞

Photo credit: Missy Williams; 2016; Asiah Erbe Photography 2021

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