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One Fake Pill – Silenced Forever

Our dear friend, Becky Schulze Stewart lost her youngest son, Cameron at 19 to Fentanyl poisoning. His young life was silenced by a fake pill, just ONE. Cameron’s family is forever changed and they are driven to educate with every hope to save lives.

In her post on social media, Becky writes, “It’s hard to believe almost a year ago, I lost my precious 19 year old son, Cameron, due to fentanyl poisoning. In order to help others avoid the nightmare I have experienced, I have been passionate about educating students, parents and the community on the dangers of fentanyl. This passion has led me to name my mission, A Change for Cam, in my son’s honor.

We’ve presented at a couple of high school assemblies but are taking it to a broader level with a community-wide discussion. A Change for Cam has coordinated a group of professionals to discuss this incredibly important topic in hopes to spread awareness and ignite familial and community-wide conversations.

Please join us on the 28th online or in-person. I invite you to share this post and invite others to join you.”


Mark your calendars, whether online or in-person, 2/28/22 from 6-7:30pm Central Standard Time (CST) in the United States and join in the discussion.

This 90 minutes will be eye-opening as to the dangers killing our loved ones.

Fentanyl poisoning does not happen to only young adults. It happens to grown adults, young adults, and children. It can and does happen to anyone, any age, anywhere in the world. Together we can make a difference.

You don’t think it will happen to you, or to someone you love, until it does.

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