Not of this World

Close to midnight, five years ago today tragedy struck. The world was rocked when, at 16, Sydney Lisa Jeter was suddenly promoted to be at the feet of Jesus.

Silly, beautiful, practical joker, talented, athletic, heart for others, kind, loving, sold-out-for-Christ, God fearing little girl are just a few ways to describe Sydney.

Losing a child is unnatural – our Father, King Jesus knows exactly what it feels like.

Please visit to learn more about a precious young teenager, her love for the Lord, her love of others and the legacy she continues to share through the generosity of her mom, dad, brother, family and many, many friends.

Please pray for her family momma-Michelle, daddy-Stacy and brother-Cameron, grandparents, hundreds upon hundreds of friends and community. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Thank You Lord, in advance, for the comfort, peace, joy, giggles, beautiful memories and silliness you give everyone today as they remember this silly, beautiful, practical joker, talented, kind, funny, loving, God fearing little girl. The glory, honor and praise is all Yours Lord!

Our heart is in College Station today. We will celebrate Sydney and her legacy, not just today but every day, by continuing to spread love and kindness handing a card with each act.

We love you Michelle, Stacy, Cameron and Sydney!


Tribute post: Missing Her

To purchase your own copy of Legacy of a Lifetime please visit

Thank you all for loving on my friend, her family and countless friends who remember Sydney not just today but daily. We appreciate you and love you for it!

Copyright 2018 M. Williams,

Image and video credit: M. Jeter

Image credit: M. Williams

20 thoughts on “Not of this World

  1. Lauren Macdonald

    The Lord, who had to give his own child over to death, comfort your friends, with the comfort of one who sees and knows, and strengthen the family with the same power he has to rescue the lost from death and keep them in his arms. I love that God is outside of time and he understands that although time passes, our connection with those in heaven does not fade. May they seek the one who is with all of us, all the time. I am praying for them today. L

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  2. The funny thing about life and death is that we have no control over either. We often forget to celebrate life because we take it for granted. We mourn death because we (the remaining) were not yet ready for our loved one to die. It’s wonderful that she was introduced to God before she passed. It’s all in his plan and it’s all in his time. I hope the family will find peace soon and be fulfilled that their daughter is in a better place.

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    1. Sydney has a prayer closet (pictures on well before there was a “War Room” in Hollywood. She got up on her own and spent time with the Lord first. Simply beautiful. Thank you for reading “Not of this World” and sharing your thoughts. We do so appreciate your prayers💙

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  3. Prayers for you and your family. Good memories remain from that vapor of life. I think it’s important to celebrate life today and celebrate life of those who pass on to the presence of the Lord. Excellent words.

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