Watering Day

Today was spent catching up on things that have been neglected, put off, procrastinated. Any one of those would be true.

Geraniums are one of my most favorite blooming plants. When I bought them this year they were thick green with huge plumes of vibrant red flowers. The Texas heat has already risen easily into the hundreds so I brought them inside otherwise they would for sure burn to a crisp.

As I began cleaning the house I decided today was the day to love on them and give them the attention they deserve.

Okay, so maybe you’ve neglected a plant or two in your lifetime like I’ve done. It’s not pretty but honest.

Yes, I know… it’s sad isn’t it? I really felt bad especially when I noticed that even through all my neglect and oversight the geraniums still had some strong blooms. So I grabbed my trimmers and began to clean her up.

Much better, right? I took her over to the backyard for a good soaking. Once she’s had a few hours outdoors I will soak her again and bring her back inside.

This process always reminds me of how God takes care of us. However, our burnt leaves, dead branches and withering blooms are NOT because our Lord Jesus has neglected us, rather it is our neglect to intentionally spend our first moments in relationship with Him. It could be through our praise and worship music, a sweet conversation with Him, on our knees petitioning His mercy and grace or picking up His Word and truth reading/studying the Bible.

I so desire to be the one that King David writes of in Psalm 1. I desire to be the one who eagerly and always obeys God and refuse to listen to those who discredit or ridicule Him. In the last few years I’ve drawn closer to the Godly and edifying faith filled relationships. The ones that draw me closer to God rather than distract or detract from Him. Sadly, I have had to allow certain relationships to drift away and trust God with them and through them. If they are authentically seeking Him they will not see offenses, hurts or hangups. They will not count or keep score. There is no thriving relationship in the “conditional” one.

A few days ago I went out to the lake house and took a walk to the waters edge. Before I even got close to the water, out of the corner of my eye I saw clusters of pink scattered and embedded in the rocks.

And there they were… lots of them, blooming, flourishing and radiant with magenta blooms.

The most beautiful thing is that our Lord and Savior is the opposite of conditional. His unconditional heart relentlessly is in pursuit to spend time with us. He is jealous for us.

So today, even though we may fall short of the glory of God daily we will intentionally pursue Him.

On the outside others may seem to be blooming vibrantly in a soil full of toxins while others may have rich fertile soil yet their outsides appear burned, hurting, and struggling. All we can focus on is our relationship with God. Together we will run the race set before us and give God the glory He so richly deserves.

No matter where you are today please know you are not alone. I’m praying for you.

Love y’all.


Copyright 2018 All rights reserved OneStoneAway; Missy Williams

Image credit: M. Williams

26 thoughts on “Watering Day

    1. Thank you so much. Your words encourage and bless me. Yes ma’am I do. When I was newly diagnosed with breast cancer my girlfriend made me a prayer tree with Beautiful prayer cards. I had friends write their deepest prayers. I prayed and kept them on the tree until they were answer or the Lord put peace on my heart to return the card. It was such a beautiful time that allowed me to focus on others rather than myself. I’d love to hear how impactful a prayer journal is for you too. 😍🤗💕

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      1. I’m so happy that prayer trees helped you get through that hard time.❤️ so many changes are happening in my life and I feel that a prayer journal would help. . Oh and no thank you , I should thank you your words are so beautiful and encouraging . 🙂

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      2. Oh I am so excited to hear how impactful your prayer journal is especially during this season. He will show up and show off for you. He’s so good like that. I’m only a vessel for His message. I’m so grateful you’re encouraged by them. Sweet dreams sister! Please keep me posted. 😍

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      3. How exciting. I can’t wait to see it. The Beautiful thing is there is no wrong way to begin a prayer journal. God knows your heart and loves you like crazy for seeking Him. ♥️

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, Missy! I love geraniums as well. Isn’t it wonderful that the Master Gardener looks after our growth? And that we grow from Christ, the Solid Rock and find strength in Him, the Living Water? I love the way you tie all of that together in this truly insightful post! ❤ ❤

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  2. Very beautiful. We must plant our selves before the living waters that flow from the throne of God, our knees bent in prayer and thanksgiving to glorify our King. With humility and repentance, our prayers flow as sweet incense to the nose of God. We clothe ourselves in sackcloth, preparing to be pruned by God, as His word cuts to the marrow of our bones; removing all unrighteousness. Thank you, keep up the reminders.

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