This week I’m working out of town at a conference. It’s a neighboring city so I’m not too far from home which is really nice. Just our luck the city has its biggest festival at the same time this year.

Fiesta 2018 is here! Where? Why San Antonio, Texas of course. Rich with Texas history Fiesta is a huge ten-day festival full of over 100 events including parades, carnival rides, oyster bakes, and so much more for residence and visitors to partake in.

For over a century San Antonio, Texas has been honoring the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. Second only to the Rose Parade is one of the biggest events is the Battle of the Flowers Parade, the largest parade of Fiesta. It is also the only parade in the nation completely planned and directed by women.

Anytime of year you can enjoy the San Antonio River Walk. Whether it’s the winter holidays or spring time the River Walk is lit up and so festive. Amazing Tex-Mex cuisine, amazing shopping, and the finest hotels flank the river that runs through the city.

Jump in a boat and enjoy the guided tour.

If you’re in driving distance it is absolutely a must see city rich with Texas history and so much to see. If you’re not working driving distance consider planning a trip and jumping on a plane to come see San Antonio. We would love to have you!

Stay blessed!

Missy xo

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    • Oh, so awesome Jessy thank you! My husband and I live about 45 minutes away. We are super close and can come back. We appreciate the tip. God bless!!🤗

      • You’re welcome, traffic can be bad that day downtown, especially if you are not planning on staying in town. There’s been a few times I can’t go but, I’ll have it on my TV. Not the same as living the excitement downtown but more comfortable :=).

  1. Missy,

    I don’t believe this! My husband shoots skeet and the Worlds Skeet Tournament is held in San Antonio each year. However, this year he’s thinking about competing in the mini worlds shoot. It will be held around the end of September. Perhaps I can let you know the dates and we can meet and have dinner! I would love that! Let me know what you think. God’s peace.


    • Is that an event called the Bluebonnet something or other? If so, my husbands brother in law competes I believe in a big skeet shooting competition. Please do let me know the dates. Wouldn’t that be fun! Great to hear from you chika!

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