They’re gone…

They’re gone…

At 41 years of age I lost my momma. She was 84. She was my very best friend and I was hers. Fast forward five years and daddy would join her. What could seem like a really dim circumstance it brought me great comfort knowing they were together for all eternity.

Once daddy passed away momma’s ashes were placed in daddy’s casket. They were buried in a military Cemetary with a military funeral. Momma wanted to be in his casket to be with him always … and so it was.

Although this time in my life was dim it allowed me to begin the process of healing through grief. Great comfort washed over me knowing they were at the feet of Jesus . . . two-gether. ♥️


f there was no love, there would be no grief

The loss of my loves is beyond belief

Grieving is timeless and does not discriminate

Brokenhearted, hurting, too much to articulate

Tears on my pillow

Sadly, I am not alone

Lost in living when your loved one is gone

Intense, chaotic, emotions so strong

No more life together on this side of eternity

However, I can get through this with God and me

Leaning into grief like waves of the ocean

Trust and being ever present is a great devotion

The holidays are coming so what do I do?

Pray, reach out, and God will get me through.

Brokenhearted, hurting, a room filled with pain

Each story very different yet similar, just the same

Pain is equal in loss and great severity

Trust the process to bring healing and clarity

To do the next right thing may seem insurmountable

It is only with God that I can do the impossible

Grief within me take me wherever you will

God will show me ALL in his GREAT reveal


In loving memory of Colonel and Mrs. Lawrence Stuart Glass (Ret.). Until we meet again. Love always, your baby girl.


In His love,

Missy xo

Originally published: “Tears On My Pillow”, September 2015

In response to The Daily Prompt – Dim<

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    • Awe thank you Seli. Please don’t cry. I will see them again on the other side of Eternity in Heaven. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, died and rose again. He promises us eternal life and that is where our victory stands firm. Have a blessed Sunday friend. 🤗

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