Last year our Pastor Joe Champion of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas delivered a powerful word “The Single Life Struggle” in the series “The Relationship Struggle”.  Single or married, relationships can be a challenge and a struggle at times.  If they’re not, one might argue that you’ve never been in a real relationship. They can also be easy, mutual, and unconditional with the rare and occasional disagreement. Pastor Joe’s message is an encouraging word and a timeless one at that. Click on the title link above to watch it for yourself.

I believe there are very important keys to having a successful relationship of any kind:

Communication, Honesty, Grace, Compromise, and Love.

Without communication our thoughts may prejudge.

Without honesty a relationship will fracture.

Without grace one or both will feel judged.

Without compromise a relationship can’t heal or thrive. 

Without love a relationship dies.

We all have experiences in life, some good, some bad, while some call the bad “baggage.  We can leave the baggage at the door, in the rearview mirror or we can choose to bring it with us through our relationships in life as if it were an appendage of our body, or a pet.

An unfriendly person pursues selfish ends
    and against all sound judgment starts quarrels.

Proverbs 18:1 (NIV)


 “give and take”, “meet half way”, and “find the middle ground”

 Like a warm blanket those descriptions make my heart happy.  No one likes to be wrong. No one likes to lose. In relationships it would be beautiful if we all could have the common goal to give and take, to meet the other half way, and to find the middle or common ground.  Shoot, let’s just agree to disagree and continue to love each other.


When I began writing this piece there was a word that magnified itself to me and became far more visible than the word Compromise.Take another look … can you see the word I saw?

I thought you could.  That’s right… Promise!

“What you resent you will resemble.” Pastor Joe Champion

I would also like to believe that what you resemble you cast out, like peace, grace, forgiveness, love, joy, contentment.

“Gratitude produces joy!”  Pastor Joe Champion

I could not agree with you more Pastor Joe.

I don’t know about you, but I believe no matter how young or how old we all have experienced compromise at some point in our lives.  As much as we may try to avoid disagreements it most likely will be inevitable that they will happen even in the most healthy of relationships… regardless of who started it. It also can be a challenge to continue relationships with others that only see their version and their way, only their version of the truth.  Sometimes you must love them from afar but absolutely love them no matter what.  One day they just might feel the love you’ve had for them all along.

Challenge accepted…

Love y’all,


In response to The Daily Prompt – Compromise

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