Our 9/11 Baby Turns 21

Our 9/11 Baby Turns 21

It is almost midnight central time as memories flood my mind, and emotions flood my heart recalling this very night 21 years ago. I was admitted into the hospital and had to stay overnight. Scared to pieces my best friend Amy said she would stay the night with me. I am eternally grateful for her for that. Never will I forget It. You see, I was 10 days late with little boy 2, Kyle. He liked it just fine where he was and he wasn’t in any hurry.

After a long night at St. David’s Hospital of no progress, no sleep and lots of commotion on the Labor/Delivery floor his little heart rate began to show some signs of distress. The doctor gave the orders and stopped the advancements. Their next plan was to induce me in the next few hours the morning of 9/11.

Up until that point I had never been more scared. I was so blessed Amy was by my side the entire time.

Around 11 a.m. our sweet boy Kyle LaRoche was born weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces, healthy and happy. Our beautiful family had grown by two feet, literally. Big brother Tyler was/is so proud and was/is such a good big brother. Little brother Travis would come along soon enough and complete our family of boys.

Kyle’s been in Bellingham, Washington for several years now, so actual “day of” birthdays are hard to come by. Although I would love for he and Chelsea to be closer I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s changed his life and chosen a better path. He’s grown into an amazing young man and he’s not finished yet.

(Bellingham Bay: photo by Kyle LaRoche)

He has many loves in his life, Chelsea, Ross, and Daisy to name a few. We are so proud of the young man he has become and can’t wait to see all that is yet to be in and through his life.

(Ross, Kyle, Daisy, Chelsea)

From the moment of my first pregnancy I knew my children were graciously on loan by the grace of God. My children are borrowed and although it hasn’t been easy at times, nor perfect, we have had and continue to have some pretty amazingly perfect moments in Kyle’s 21 years with so many more to come.

We are blessed for we know God has a mighty call on His life. He has blessed him with many gifts and talents. He equips him still today. We can’t wait to see all God will use him for.

Kyle, God has great plans for you sweet boy. Keep Him first always and everything else will fall into place. It always does. We love and miss you very much. You will forever treasure this time of growth and new experience in the great and beautiful state of Washington. See you soon and Happy Birthday❣️

Love, Momma & Mark

Photo credit: Chelsea Crouch; Kyle LaRoche; Missy Williams; OneStoneAway.com

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