Jesus Take the Wheel

Jesus Take the Wheel

I am so very proud of this young man, our sweet boy #2. He could have chosen the easy road, stayed in a town he has always known with friends he has grown up with since infancy. In stead with Chelsea and her family in the moving van in front Kyle sat behind the wheel of his packed and loaded down Volvo, big and faithful Ross (dog) by his side, and drove two-thousand miles away to Bellingham, Washington to start a new life.

Fast forward to today, he is on the Dean’s list in college and on track to complete his Associates degree over the summer.

Kyle, We could not be more proud of the young man you have become. πŸ’™

Since the boys were little I always told them to “Go and see the world.” I would say, “You can always come home.” And there they are… two in Washington state, one baby boy Travis soon-to-be in Houston, and Cheyenne with great plans to study and teach abroad along with her many cross-country adventures. Our children are explorers, independent, confident, self thinkers, encourages and wonderful young adults.

None of our children are perfect. Neither are we. But what is perfect is the grace of God. As undeserving as we all are Jesus pours grace upon grace over us and loves us unconditionally. This is what we are charged to do and be as humans. 

On This Day, 2015

Jesus Take the Wheel

Well, he and Ross are off. Three days driving to his new home in Bellingham, WA. Tears fall as I watch his loaded car drive away. It takes a courageous person to leave all that is familiar to them in search of a new future. We are beyond proud of him for not choosing the easy path. God has a mighty call on his life. This move is a necessary first step. I’ve raise our boys to go and see the world..and so far two out of three will be 2,000 miles away from their Texas home. 
Thank you to everyone who made the extra effort to see him before he left. I know schedules can be difficult. He did reach out and try to see everyone he could. Thank you for your gifts, cards, love, prayers and support for him. We love and appreciate you so much.

His first goodbye (Auntie Drew, Kyle)

I pray a covering and hedge of protection over the journey. Believing Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29:11, Ephesians 3:20-21 over his life and believe Kyle will walk out God’s will for his life in the days, weeks, months and years to come.
Above all else, thank you Jesus for allowing me to give birth to and borrow three precious boys. Being a single parent for the majority of their lives I have often felt like a failure in circumstances and events. In those moments God reminds me that He loves them far more than I do. I take great comfort in His words and trust Him with all my heart. I understand what it is like to have an unfailing and unwavering love for your children. God will never let these boys fall short of the glory of God. Humbled, I am forever grateful for His love, sovereignty, mercy and grace. Thank you Jesus. I am nothing without You!

Left to right (Mark, Cheyenne, me, Travis, Kyle)

(From left to right- Tyler, Finn, Gabi)

God bless each of you and may God continue to richly bless your families.

Mark & Missy Williams

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