Sweet Carolina Memories

Sweet Carolina Memories

White wicker creaks on the old back porch

Saccades sing in the hot Summers scorch

Laundry dries quickly on the line

Smell of fried chicken was mighty fine

Southern drawls and iced sweet tea

Aunts, Grand-momma and our family

Afternoon showers, yes ma’am and please

Precious n’ sweet Carolina memories

Magnolia trees fragrantly bloom

Four poster bed, wood floors in our room

Mason jars filled with fire flies

Long drawn out and sad good-byes

Blessed to recall a love so grand

Grateful for abundant blessings by His hand

In His love,

Mrs. Missy Williams

In response to The Daily Prompt – local

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Original release, August 19, 2012

Photo of a local rainstorm, Georgetown, Texas

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