Relieved ~ He Will Rescue Me

Relieved ~ He Will Rescue Me

The love story that unfolds is one of true love, a love that would transcend time and still does today. You see, it is the ultimate love, protection and provision of a Father who would do anything, I mean anything to protect His children.

As a child, I am relieved to rest in my Fathers arms. I’m relieved to allow Him to fight my every battle, to protect me against all harm, and allow Him to love on me so intentionally as He does so perfectly. 

Below is my rephrasing of a very special Psalm that carried me, comforted me and spoke life and hope in and through my walk and deliverance from breast cancer. I have lived and experienced every verse, while not literal, but very much lived it. This Psalm is so very tender to my heart. I lay all vulnerability aside in sharing and in every hope it blesses you as it continues to bless me.


Relieved to dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the shadow of the Almighty. (v. 1)

Relieved that I trust my refuge and my fortress, my God…” (v. 2)

Relieved He delivers me from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly hazards. (v. 3)

Relieved He covers me with His feathers. (v. 4)
Relieved that under His wings I find refuge; (v. 4) Relieved His faithfulness is a shield and rampart. (v. 4)

Relieved of my fears, night terrors, and the arrow that flies by day; (v. 5)

Relieved of the disease that prowls in darkness,
 Relieved of the plague that destroys by noon. (v. 6)

Relieved a thousand may fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand,
Relieved no harm will even graze me. (v. 7)

Relieved I remain untouched,
Relieved I watch from a distance to see the wicked turn into corpses. (v. 8)

Relieved I have made the Lord, my refuge, the Most High, my dwelling place. (v. 9)

Relieved no evil will befall me, nor will any plague come near my tent. (v. 10)

Relieved He orders His angels to guard me wherever I go. 
Relieved He gives His angels charge concerning me, to guard me in all my ways. (v. 11)

Relieved that should I stumble, they’ll catch me with their hands; so I don’t strike my foot against a stone. (v. 12)

Relieved I will tread upon the lion and cobra,
 Relieved I will trample the young lion and the serpent. (v. 13)

Relieved because I have loved Him and He will deliver me
Relieved He will securely set me on high because He knows my name. (v. 14)

Relieved I will call upon Him and He will answer me;
 Relieved He will be with me in trouble;
Relieved He will rescue me and honor me. (v. 15)

Relieved He will bless me with a long life and He will satisfy me. 
Relieved I will see His salvation. (v .16)

Psalm 91


Security of the One Who Trusts in the Lord

While I pray you never are faced with a fiery trial, death, disease or a great loss, but should you, my greater prayer is that Psalm 91 and our Lord and Savior covers you and brings you peace.

Your security is guaranteed when you trust in the Lord. He will boldly protect you through whatever storm or enemy comes before you. How do I know? Because I am living proof. 

In His love,

Mrs. Mark Spencer Williams

In response to The Daily Prompt – Relieved

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  1. Psalms 91 is one if my favorite Psalms. What a great testimony of how the Lord delivered you, and you are using that to glorify Him.

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