Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

It is a great honor that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by my blogger friend Shwetaspree. There are so many incredible writers and storytellers especially in the blogging world.  I am truly blessed to receive a nod if-you-will from a fellow blogger friend.

I am humbled to know, “It has always been a pleasure reading…” my posts and that you felt my writing contributions are worthy of such a nomination.  Your words and encouragement bless me, and I thank you with my whole heart!

Below are the “Interview Questions” you were inquiring about and my answers that follow:

1.      What is the inspiration behind your blog?

My blogging began as a chronical of events as I walked through a season of breast cancer.  It was my heart to journal the updates to keep my family, friends, church family and others up to date with what’s going on.  I also wanted it to highlight that I was fighting from a place of victory that my three boys would later look back on and see how their mother was transformed through a difficult trial.

2.      Title of your blog? Why this title?

The title of my blog is One Stone Away.  My inspiration comes from a young shepherd boy named David.  With a heart abandoned and no reservation he ran to the battle line defeating the largest, meanest, and most skilled Philistine warrior with just a sling and one stone.  If we all can run to the battle line of our trial, difficulty, disease we too can defeat the enemy and propel us into our next chapter.

3.      How do you define yourself?

I am a daughter to The King, more precious than rubies, and am in love with Jesus, my fiancé Mark, my three boys, Gabi, grandbaby Finn & Cheyenne.

4.      What do you like more? A book or a movie?

I love to read as time permits however, I tend to prefer a movie.

5.      Is there a place where you would like to visit again and again?

The place where I would like to visit again and again (and do) is Vancouver, Washington and Bellingham, Washington where my two older boys, daughter-in-love and grandbaby Finn are.

6.      What was the best thing about my day today?

The best thing about my day is loving coming to work and loving the people I work with and for.

7.      Something that made you smile today. What”

My fiancé Mark sent me a picture of himself which always makes me smile.

8.      If you re-read books what book is your most read?

My most read and re-read book is the bible.  My second most read/re-read book is The Blessed Life by Pastor Robert Morris.

9.      What is the earliest memory you have?

The earliest memory I have is at my grand-mama’s home in South Carolina.

10.  If you could go back in time and talk to anyone who would you choose?

If I could go back in time I would choose to speak with my momma. She was my mentor, is still my best friend and my hero.

11.  What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is Spring where the weather becomes warmer and the trees, flowers and plants begin to bloom.


It is with great pleasure that I share some really incredible talent.  Their voice transcends the written word and their writings have inspired, encouraged, and empowered me.  Allow me to introduce eleven new nominees of the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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As a newly nominee of the Sunshine Blogger Award, please see the following rules of nomination:

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.

Newly nominated blogger friends, please answer the 11 new “Interview Questions” listed below:

1.      Do you have a hero or mentor?  If so, who are they?

2.      What inspires you to write (a memory, a phot, a cause, a word, topic or emotion)?

3.      If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

4.      How would you describe your blog?

5.      If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?

6.      What is your biggest or most proud achievements in life up to today?

7.      What makes you laugh out loud?

8.      Do you have a post that you are proudest of? If so, please share the link.

9.      What motivates you?

10.  Who is your favorite superhero and why are they your favorite?

11.  If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

I am so looking forward to reading more about you in your Sunshine Blogger Award posts.  Be blessed my friends, Missy


15 responses to “Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations on your award. I love reading your answers. It’s so precious that your mom is your mentor and your friend! Vancouver, WA is a nice place to visit or live in. I entertain the thought of moving there from southern CA to be close to my daughter and her husband who live in Portland, OR. But for now, we make frequent visits since both my hubby and I are retired. I bet when your fiancé sent you a picture of himself makes you smile. Once, my husband went to the gym, took a selfie and sent it to me. That made me smile too.
    BTW, my blog is award free. I’ll reblog your post to recognize your nomination. Miriam

  2. Hey thank you so much for nominating me! I’ve been off WP for awhile, but I really appreciate it Missy! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog since I started on WP. God bless!! 🙂

    • Your writing is more than worthy Joel! I’m looking forward to reading more when you’re back on WP. Have a blessed week and weekend!👍🏼😁

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