It’s easy when you first have a dream or a desire of your heart to be over the moon excited and on fire for all God is going to do for you, through you and in you.  But can you go the distance?  Will your enthusiasm and patience wane if the time is longer than you expect?

“Our trials are our training.”

Form, pacing, breathing, nutrition, timing, hydration, training, equipment, rest, etc. there are so many things that are critical when you’re a runner especially if you’re a distance runner.  My two younger boys were runners. Kyle, now 20, was a cross country runner among many other sports. He could run the shorter races, but he preferred distance.  Travis, now 18, was the sprinter and boy was he fast as lightening. Travis is the one pictured running and winning the race.

When Travis first began high school his brother convinced him to try cross country.  Kyle loved cross country, was exceptionally gifted at it, went to Regionals every year and his senior year competed at the State level.  Well, Travis didn’t last through week one of pre-season training.  Travis admitted that he truly is a sprinter and utilizes all his energy, force and strength up front and he’s good at it. In the shorter distance he can explode in the beginning, assess his competition and finally explode in the end for a winning finish.

This life is a marathon not a sprint. The trials we face are often times a marathon not a sprint as well.

I think back on the life examples we have in the bible and how lengthy it was to see the glory of God fulfilled.

  • It took Noah 120 years to build the arc. (Genesis 6:3) – A Marathon!
  • It took the Israelites 40 years to get to the Promise Land. (Joshua 5:6) – A Marathon!
  • Sarah was 90 years old when she conceived Isaac and Abraham was 100.  From the time of God’s promise to the conception of Isaac was 25 years. (Genesis 17) – A Marathon!

Since creation of man God has given us free will.  If you recall the stories like I do everyone except Noah’s family thought he was plumb crazy.  Thankfully, Noah was obedient and diligently continued working until the rains came.  Obedience wasn’t quite what happened for the Israelites or for Abraham and Sarah BUT God still fulfilled His will and His promise.  God knew all along what was going to happen.  Just like with you and me, nothing surprises God.

God uses our suffering for His greater glory. As difficult and uncomfortable as it may be to suffer on this side of eternity, there is a greater reward, a greater plan, a greater glory through the pain. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I knew suffering was coming.  I laid my face down before the Lord and told him to use “this” and use me for His greater glory.  You see, although cancer happened to me the glory belongs to King Jesus for healing me.  Looking back, I can truly say it was the most exquisite time in my life where I felt so intimately close to Him and protected by Him. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing either!

What trial are you suffering? What desert are you walking through? What fire are you burning in? What raging walls of water roar to your right and to your left? What is the one thing you’ve so desperately longed for that is yet to be fulfilled?  I’m here to encourage you sisters and brothers to hold fast.  Seek His face through His word.  Thank Him in advance for giving you all that you ask before He provides it, because He will provide.

  • How great is His glory through the flood?
  • How great is His deliverance and freedom for the Israelites?
  • How great is His provision of a newborn child to a husband and wife?
  • How much greater will His glory be through your testimony of faith as you boldly walk through your fiery trial?

I stand in agreement with you today that His promises will be fulfilled through you.  Keep perspective as to time.  You won’t have to wait 120 years like Noah and if you boldly walk in obedience chances are you won’t be waiting until you’re 90 or 100 years old. His glory will be magnified through each step you take.

Sometimes it’s not about us and while this life happens to us, it’s about the glory of our Father God.  It’s the glory, honor and praise He so richly deserves and we are privileged He allows us to walk it out, even if it is walking through a flood, walking through a desert or walking through a fire.

I can’t wait to hear how you are proving faithful through your trial. It may not be pretty, but it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.  Look for the miracles. They are all around you.  Be watchful and be excited. Your breakthrough is coming.

God bless you in this beautiful marathon of faith my friend!  You’ve got this and God’s got you!

In His love,

Missy xo


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