A Matter of Focus

That which you focus on you will see most of.

Do you remember when you were a child learning to ride a bike? I do too. I also hear the voice of my Momma saying, “Look where you want to go!” The times I would look at my feet fumbling to get in sync and stay upright I would fall or get darn close to falling. In those moments my focus was all wrong. Had I kept my eyes up I would have looked down the sidewalk where I wanted to go.
This year what will your focus be on?

Forgiveness or bitterness …
Love or jealously …
Peace or anger …
Gratitude or discontentment …
Grace or judgement …
Joy or unhappiness …
Hope or dispar …

Will you un-assuredly look at your feet as you pedal the bicycle of life furiously within your own power or will you lay your troubles at the feet of Jesus?

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re absolutely right.” Very true statement indeed.

It doesn’t matter whether I believe you can. You must believe. I believe in you and God most certainly believes in you. And when difficult circumastances arise, and they can …

“Learn something from the worst thing that has ever happened to you.” Ps. Joe Champion

Let’s turn the camera lens into His focus and see ALL God has for us this year in 2017.

God bless you in your journey along side of our miraculous and loving King Jesus.
Much love, Mxo

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4 thoughts on “A Matter of Focus

  1. I was once told to go a week without asking the lord for anything but instead to thank him for everything. This post reminds me of that, it was a humbling experience and focuses on the good in life. Good read, thanks for sharing ❤

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