Missing Her

Missing Her

I’ve heard it said that grief is as individual as a snowflake. I couldn’t agree more. 

Not having lost a child I can’t begin to know or speak to the vast depth of grief a parent must endure. I have watched through the lens pointed at my dear friends. This piece is for them, remembering their baby girl, and for anyone who has lost a child before birth or after.

Missing her spunk

Missing her beauty

Missing her truth

Missing her craziness

Missing her laughter

Missing her smile

Missing her practical jokes

Missing her silliness

Missing her dancing

Missing her wisdom 

Missing her passion

Missing her freckles

Missing her play soccer

Missing her love for fishing

Missing her run

Missing her sassiness

Missing her encouragement

Missing her creativity

Missing her …

Missing her …

Missing her …

Missing her everything

I can’t begin to speak for my dear friends, but if I was asked to pick the top thing they miss most… what Michelle and her family miss most is living everyday life to the fullest with and beside Sydney Lisa Jeter.

We stand with many when we say we love you Michelle, Stacy, Sydney & Cameron.


Please visit SydneyLisaJeter.com and learn more about her life, her walk with Jesus, her Legacy of a Lifetime book, Play For Jeter, and “You Are Beautiful” project for the opportunity to be a blessing to others just as Sydney is. You will be equally blessed.

God bless you!

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