Heart of a Single Mom

Exhausted mom of three,
Knows He loves them more than she. 

Raising alone, unnatural indeed,
No Godly man for them to heed.

Imperfections He does not measure,
Giving your hearts delight, He does pleasure.

My Father knows the seeds I’ve sewn,
With friends and sisters we’re not alone.

It takes a village my sis reminds me,
Quiet and humbled I’m on my knees.

Grateful Lord for everything,
The good, the bad, the in-between.

 We glorify You and stay by your side,
Hidden under your wing we safely abide.

No greater peace than walking in Your will,
The journey we continue now and further still.

15 responses to “Heart of a Single Mom”

  1. Love it. Stay strong. God gives the grace and strength to finish the race. I’m a mom and I just can relate how tiresome everything can be. =)

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