History In The Making

Days and nights full of family and friends
This is how our weekend begins.

Long drives through the Texas hill country
Endless conversation, holding hands, so lovely

Full moon, clear sky, second story balcony
Fireflies, just a few, we wait and watch expectantly

Watching as diamonds dance on the lake
Soaking up the beauty of God’s landscape

Big dreams discussed and sweet memories
Gods will we seek first & always, sets our soul at ease

Praising God for His unwavering faithfulness
Abundant provision, love and graciousness

Walking out the favor of God, our hearts awakened
As He unfolds our love, our future, our history in the making

Image source: rv-dreams-journal.com

The inspiration for this poem came from Mark’s visit back to Texas and to the home he grew up in. So much life, love and memories lived in Canyon Lake, Texas on the water for him, his family and friends. The events of our weekend to Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Austin and College Station, Texas inspired me to put into words my experiences. I hope you enjoy it too! God bless you.

I love you Mark! 

Grace wins,
Missy xo

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