The Benchmark

The Benchmark

Forgiveness is not an act to benefit the one who abandoned, offended or hurt another .. It’s for you and it’s for me. We instantly and directly benefit from the act of forgiveness. The more immediate our forgiveness the more immediate our reward. Now that’s incentive.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.” This is a great visual for me because who in their right mind would think like that? Personally, I think it’s easy to think like that when you’re ruled by your emotions; the fear, the hurt, the anger, the grief, the disappointment of circumstances in life.


Jesus extends forgiveness unconditionally. I don’t know about you, but I am beyond grateful He does because I need it. I need it every day. He knows we will fall short of the glory of God in each day we wake, in the moments we experience and by His grace His arms are open wide waiting to forgive our sins.

I pray I can prove always faithful and be quick to forgive, to be quick to love, and to not have a memory that will incarcerate me for days, weeks, years and maybe even decades. Maybe “always” is a high standard, too high for some to consider, but it is most definitely the benchmark I want to aim for knowing that King Jesus will be there with His arms wide open to catch me when I fall short…because I will.

Grace Wins Everytime!

In His love, Missy


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