What A Difference One Year Makes

This very day in 2015 I put my thoughts into words. Today I share them with you. I pray whatever trial or fire you are walking through to hold fast. God is putting all the broken pieces into perfect order. I pray my reflections bless and encourage you. 

July 19, 2015:

Words escape me in describing the abundance of our Lord over the last seven months and especially the last seven days. Some might think Christmas 2014 was ruined when I had to tell my boys a week before Christmas I had breast cancer. As I reflect back on all God has done in these short months and the faithful and instrumental people He has strategically placed in our lives I can feel nothing short of overwhelming love. By His grace and mercy God has and continues to pour out a double portion of His favor, completion, sovereignty and Grace in the abundant, over-the-top, awesome way He is so famous for.  
I am blessed by the culmination of people necessary to create such a beautiful wedding for our children especially Gabi’s family. I am truly humbled. Being unable to help in any normal captivity God has/had me in a season of receiving. Thank you to ALL involved for making it happen. I will never forget the efforts of Kevin, Mike, Gigi, Lisa, Josh, Martha and the best-maid Monica, Travis, Kyle and Chelsea to be beside us showing unwavering and unconditional support to be here for Gabi and Tyler as they begin their new life as husband and wife. I know you wouldn’t miss it for the world and I am so glad you didn’t. You are a blessing and are treasured. 
Thank You Lord for the beautiful day spent yesterday with Gabi and Tyler followed by an amazing evening filled with laughter and games with Bree, Mitch and their family. Your hospitality and generosity is endless.
In the wee hours this morning I walk away through the quiet and still terminal gates one seriously blessed woman who is entering into a new season, a new normal and unequivocally uncharted waters. Two boys two-thousand miles away carving a life for themselves. Travis and I will forge ahead in Leander/Cedar Park with our eyes wide open to ALL God has for us. I have the hope and know He is working all things together for good for those who love Him. Sensitive to the calling He has on our lives my solemn prayer is to prove faithful in every circumstance and to continue to give God all the glory for any good you see in us.
God has not disappointed in providing a double portion of favor and a double portion of completion. Eager, wanting and waiting I can’t see what else He has planned because it is only with Him ALL that things are possible. 
Thank You Lord for this God ordained week and God ordained life. I would rather follow You, King Jesus through the dark than walk one minute in the light on my own. I love You with ALL my heart. Love Your baby girl.

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