Dignity Restored

Dignity Restored

I am a single mom to three beautiful boys. February 2015 I underwent a double mastectomy as treatment for breast cancer. Prior to surgery my surgeons, (one-General surgeon and one plastic surgeon) required I purchase a compression vest from a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider. Vulnerable, afraid, okay really terrified, I went to the DME provider for a fitting. This was by far not a “Victoria’s Secret” experience. The only color the compression vest came in was the atrocious, clinical, sterile, and downright “old woman” beige. The look was sad. I made it through the fitting, I don’t know how, and proceeded to the checkout. They required the $300 up front just in case insurance would not pay. Three hundred dollars for something ugly that I will be required to wear 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With my surgery date just around the corner I was out of time. By the grace of God I actually had the money. How many women going through cancer, especially single mothers, don’t have the money for a required item like this? I paid the money, quickly ran to the car and sat in the parking lot crying uncontrollably. The compression vest (sports bra) was ugly, unfeminine, degrading, and humiliating. I felt violated and extorted for paying such an inflated price for it as well.

Walking through breast cancer is hard enough. Choosing a double mastectomy is not easy. Recovery is even harder living post-operative with drain tubes, unable to lift your arms, unable to wash your hair, unable to dress yourself, unable to sleep any other way but sitting up, maybe even for months. Life as you knew it is not the same, nor will it be.

I could go on and on, perhaps you think I already have. You see, the journey has been long and hard, but others have it much longer than I and much harder than I.

I passionately believe that SheFit can restore the dignity to female mastectomy patients, at the very least giving us affordable, beautiful and even sexy, yes sexy options. I have never seen this product before nor have I heard of SheFit before this evening. I can tell you this, I sure wish I had one year ago today. The adjustability is innovative and just might throw any comparable product into the “donate” bin.

I could not sit back and be silent. I do not have experience in clothing design, market research, or a business to pitch, but what I do have is passion for sharing my testimony for the primary purpose of helping others. I believe this product can help so many women, with or without cancer.

Fast-forward to February 12 , 2016 I will celebrate my one year anniversary being cancer free. By the grace of God I am healed.

Mr. Daymond John, Robert and Sara Moylan of SheFit, may God continue to richly bless you and your families.

Photograph: FreeImages.com

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  1. It’s amazing how, by simply reading this, takes me back to that day, that experience, that parking lot. God’s grace is sufficient and I leave that girl in that parking lot and say goodbye to her. My God has redeemed, restored and revived this survivor and I can’t be grateful enough. I love You Jesus!

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