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I Don’t Pray For Patience Anymore …

HANDSI don’t pray for patience anymore. I haven’t for many, many years. By God’s grace I have developed great patience in a lot (not all) of circumstances. Recently I have been getting compliments from customer service agents thanking me for my patience, being friendly, understanding, and having a calm attitude. The inflection in their voice is one of relief, almost grateful I’m not angry. As a single mother of three boys (young men) walking through a cancer diagnosis could have ripped my life to shreds. Rather than destruction The Lord restored, repaired, rehydrated my soul. So when it comes to dealing with the yucky stuff in life, I refuse to let it steal my joy. I refuse to swim against the current in anger or discontent. Rather, I lay my head back in the turbulent waters (typically on hold or waiting in line) and enjoy the ride. I will get to where I am going eventually. “Lord, surprise me with delight in this circumstance.” He almost always does. Thank You Lord.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and let’s face it, it’s all small stuff. Even the biggest, most traumatic of things are small stuff in God’s eyes. He knows it’s a big deal to us. He knows and understands our hurts, pains and distress. He knows what’s going to happen. He’s gone before you in every circumstance. Trust in Him. He will provide a sturdy rock under your feet so you are sure not to stumble. You will come through the trial and look back in awe and wonder seeing all He did to ensure your protection, persistence and safety. It may not look anything like we wanted. We must see He provided something better…whatever that might be.

Let’s kick the enemy in the face together by being kind when we should be frustrated, extending grace to those who don’t deserve it (because let’s face it, I know I don’t deserve it), forgive the unforgivable and those who are mean to you and above all, love. Doing the opposite of the negative we “feel” will make the enemy spit-fire mad and I actually get excited about that. He has no power, control or authority over us unless we give it to him. No more. Let’s have a “Norma Rae” or “North and South” walk off the job Hollywood moment and go on strike from how the world says we are entitled to feel, react and that we are even justified in misbehaving.

By doing something different I believe it will start a firestorm of love, forgiveness and grace that will change the world! I know it’s changed my life. I can’t wait to change the world together with each of you!

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