Radiant Masterpiece

Radiant Masterpiece

It is only rubble until broken shards of colored glass are intentionally chosen, seamlessly pieced together and soldered by our Master Artisan. The result, a stained glass masterpiece.

We’ve all been lost, broken, hurt at some point. Some of us remain in bondage when Jesus has paid the price for us to be free.  During Radiant weekend life changing transformations happened among 1,300 women, leaders, teachers. A beautiful, unique, intentional stained glass portrait was created by the love of King Jesus, sealed by His blood. Radiant Conference is just one venue where the lost, broken, hurting are found, healed and reborn. Waters are now stirred to do more, reach more. Hearts are forever moved to not ever be silent. We are called now more than ever before to be Lost-ologists.

With an unapologetic and unstoppable love, passion, and leadership to grow God’s Kingdom, Ps. Joe and Ps. Lori result in lives forever changed all for the love and glory of our King, Jesus.

We are humbled and honored to serve our Mighty King alongside some of the worlds’ finest women and men whom I call my sisters, my brothers, our Celebration family. We are grateful Radiant is not just a feel good, you’re beautiful conference. Don’t get me wrong, it is all that and so much more. Lives are forever changed. Relationships have formed and are fortified. We no longer settle for the comfortable Christian life. This is only the beginning and we don’t have time to waste. It is our time to rise up! Our time is now.

If you don’t have a home church, please join us Sunday at Celebration Church and experience the love, community and family Jesus has for you.

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