Richly Gilded Pages

Richly Gilded Pages

The smell of expensive leather binds a book of richly gilded pages. On each page He has written a sweet love story filled with creative, loving and lavish details of my life. His love continues to spill out onto every page, pouring His abundant and unmerited grace over me and my family. He pays close attention to every detail. The desires of my heart are His desires too. When I take a wrong path He gently recalculates more opportunities that gently redirect and guide me for the plan He has set before me.


Standing firmly on the promises of God, He has completely healed me. The details of His “how” are yet unfolding but the truth remains. I am healed by His hand. There is no greater cleansing agent in the universe then that of the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no greater love then the love a parent has for His child and I am His daughter.

My heart is full with gratitude and appreciation for each thought, call, email, text, FB message, letter, hug, smile, moment of laughter and especially your prayers. God has put me on your heart and mind at any given time and He is listening. By His grace and your prayers I am blanketed with a peace that surpasses all understanding.  The grace, strength and peace you see is all Him. I am grateful for you and for my Father trusting me to prove faithful through this. This journey, although it is my testimony, it is all for His glory. So let’s go, from glory to glory, and watch His majestic faithfulness show just how amazing He always is!

I love you all!

Sweet Jesus dreams!

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