1/20/15 ~ Update

Tuesday – Woke up early to a surprise migraine. Lovely! It takes a lot to keep me home from work. I love who I work for and what I do. There is something special about the hearts of Law Enforcement.

At 1400 I had to get out to my first follow up appointment at 2:15 at Texas Oncology with Dr. Bala. I updated her on my POA (plan of action). She updated me on the scenarios on if the tumor or sentinel node are positive or negative. We won’t know anything for sure until the pathology comes back, maybe 10 days after surgery. They WILL have a good idea at the conclusion of surgery though. Pressing in and believing God for favor with negative results on both counts. After the appointment I am officially worn out. Back home I go, migraine seems to be subsiding leaving a dull, consistent headache in its wake.

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