Most Precious Day

Saturday – Up early and out the door to my family at Celebration Church and what an amazing morning of worship and prayer it was. My sister, Ps. Lori Champion prayed bold, life giving prayers over me and I stood firm in agreement affirming her words to our Savior. When her hands gently flanked my arms a deep stirring fire welled up inside me. God knew exactly what I needed, to be held. He knew exactly who needed to do the holding. She’s not only the spiritual mother to Celebration she is a friend, mentor, sister and cancer survivor (not bc). Her testimony brings me courage and an extended level of faith knowing how delicately God held her through her hardest of days. I am beyond grateful for you Ps. Lori!  Rose’s dad Chuck and Michael Brown prayed over me too. What a blessing God puts people together like this. I’m blessed to be here in His House on this hill with my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the place that brings me the most peace in my life.  Then an afternoon lunch with Jules. Gosh, we’ve been friends since Spicewood Elementary, through Grisham Middle School and finally graduating together at Westwood. Good friends, good times.

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