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1/05/2015 Update

Monday  7:30 AM – Dr. Cohen, Radiation Oncologist. Lots of information. She’s able to see the MRI and it looks good. Appears no lymph nodes are affected that they can see. Only with surgery will they know for sure.

Off to work I go only to leave early for another appointment.

Monday 2:30PM – Nancy Marquez, MD FACS Wonderful, smart woman. She too looks at the MRI and is encouraged by my report and biopsy results. “You caught it early. It’s very small.” The doc gives me more options in reconstruction. The flap where they use your own skin and tissue to rebuild and reconstruct or implants. She gives me two more specialists to make appointments with to help me decide. Feeling quite overwhelmed, exhausted and a bit disappointed that I am not quite ready to form a plan. In my brokenness I reach out to my prayer warriors, “please pray”. Several texts come in that I was on others hearts to pray. God knows exactly what you need and when you need it most. His timing truly is perfect!

I schedule the next two plastic surgeon appointments. I’m confused, scared, exhausted and feel like I am in a vortex especially over one of the surgery options. The flap technique takes anywhere from 10-17 hours. Abdominal surgery and bilateral breast reconstruction, the anxiety floods my spirit I fall down in worship and praise Him for all He has provided for me. “Lord, show me what you want me to do with your body. I’m sorry I haven’t taken care of your temple as I should have but I will try harder. This is Your body. Please bring peace over what the right choice is!” And so He does. More prayer, fasting and I met with my Stephens Minister. Praying over me, my tears flow nodding and quiet sobs of ‘yes Lord’ I feel His peace return. I know what I do not have peace over. That is confirmation I prayed for.

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