Family History

1/02/2015, Friday – 10:00 AM Texas Oncology. Meet with Tracy for genetics testing, blood draw for the BRAC Analysis.  TWO long needle sticks, burning and did I mention how I hate needles?

I have no known history of cancer on either side of my family. Doctors go by your parents and their parents histories. I also do not have an accurate picture of my immediate family. My 66 year old sister did not mention or offer if she’s had a mammogram. My 61 (ish) year old sister has not ever had a mammogram. My 53 year old sister has never had a mammogram but has made an appointment for this month.

3:30 PM ~ ARA for an MRI with contrast and hope it is PDQ. (Small joke, very small) I’ve never had the dye so I hope it is uneventful knowing how I just love needles and all. TWO more sticks trying to find a vein for my IV. Oh, these are going to leave a mark – and they do. Bruising in both my hands and arms. Oh well, quit complaining and let’s move on. 🙂

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