12/22/14 ~ Update

Tuesday – Lisa takes me to my annual well woman exam. It may seem out of order but it’s not. I asked Dr. Holly’s nurse to call me in a referral for my annual mammogram “before” my doc appt. Dr. Holley is 35 weeks pregnant (and cute as she can be) so she’s only working one day a week. Hence the long wait. She’s worth it! After her appointment she sent me to Dr. Bombach, a general surgeon who could explain more about what I have, how it works, and what he does. After the forever-and-a-day wait in his office and my protective best friend “going off” on the staff because I was waiting for so long, hearing “you’re next” we were finally seen. Any of you that know Lisa understand she does not “go off” on people. Well, she did. Just ask her. After our tears we laughed and still do. After the exam he sends me to Texas Oncology to make an appointment. Met with Dr. Bala for obvious reasons. Texas Oncology in Cedar Park. My dear friend Carolann works there. She was surprised when I came in. You see, my legal name is not Missy but something completely unguessable. And no, I’m not going to tell you. Lol I always say, “If you want me to answer, call me Missy.” Carolann’s warm, friendly smile and disposition always is a comfort, whether you know her like I do or you just meet.

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