12/21/14 ~ Update

Sunday – Celebration Church with Travis and Kyle. It’s an early Christmas service and the Lord spoke through Ps. Joe directly to me. After service the ministering elders come to the front. My eyes meet Meagan’s. (Meagan and Greg are parents to three young sons. Tyler was in the children’s ministry at Anderson Mill and had her two older boys.) I fought my way through the exiting crowd to hug her. Meagan is one of those friends that has an unspoken sense of knowing. She doesn’t need to know details. God unfolds the perfect, divine opportunity. I glance over and the boys are just past Greg. Meagan rally’s Greg and the boys, joining hands in an unbroken circle she prays then Greg prays. God is intentional and purposeful with every piece of your life. We are blessed by Meagan and Greg, and by their obedience to the calling the Lord has on their life. What an amazing day with the boys and the Lord revealed one more member of my medical team, Dr. Luepnitz, Meagan’s dad. Make no mistake, there are no coincidences with God.

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