12/18/14 ~ Update

Thursday – As requested, I take the entire day off work. Considering I haven’t slept in days I know I will use it to recover from the anxiety I can’t take a Xanax because it won’t begin to work until after the procedure is over. So what good is that! The only way is through my fear. My mind knew I would be okay but my body was almost paralyzed at times. I continued to lay my fear and anxiety under the blood of Jesus and did the next thing they told me to do. Thankful to Jesus for my Stephens Minister. She prayed with me the evening before my biopsy.  Mentally, I walked myself through receiving each and every thing the doc needed to do during the procedure. I was working with the needles not against them. I praised God through each second and tried to focus on my breathing. It worked, God IS faithful. I didn’t die, freak out or release flying monkeys all over the doctor or ultrasound tech. Although, the tech may have lost blood flow in her fingers for a while with me squeezing her hand so tightly. I can safely say I survived the ultrasound guided needle biopsy. Praise God. My fears were 99.5% unfounded by my personal experience. Please note, everyone’s body is different, doctor, etc. I do not want to over promise another patient. There were only two, very brief times that I was in pain. It was literally seconds but it was significant and memorable.

Radiologist: “I would like to say this is nothing but I think it is something.” I thanked her for her honesty and was really glad to know something, even if it wasn’t good.

Tyler and Gabi fly in from Oregon. It’s almost a 2 hour drive to the Portland airport then a very long flight to Texas. I knew the kids would be exhausted and planned to see them later if they were up for it.

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