12/2/14 ~ Update

Tuesday, My mammogram is as simple and fast as it always is. The week comes and goes. No phone call, must be all clear. Hmm, it’s a little strange because I had felt something not quite distinguishable but also not typical for me in my right breast. I thought the mammogram tech may have spotted something too because she took two more films of the right. I could see on the screen there was something that didn’t look quite like the other.  I have lost some weight (need to lose more) and knew breast tissue changes, so I wasn’t terribly alarmed but was going to bring it up to Dr. Holley when I saw her, IF the mammogram was normal. I knew if it was “anything” then the mammogram would reveal it. And so it did.

ARA called the following week. I was still not terribly alarmed because it could be anything. ARA requests an ultrasound of the area. We set the appointment. I asked the scheduler if they compared my film with my previous annual mammograms since 2007, she said she would ask to be sure, and she would call me if anything was different. The next morning I get a call from ARA that the doc wants me in sooner for the ultrasound. Okay, now I am a little more concerned.

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